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 Silver Kat Music is a publisher of contemporary country, gospel, pop, and rock music. It was founded by Glen King in 1985 in Los Angeles, CA and is now located in Richmond,Va.

Please consult my checklist for some guidelines to lyric writing as well as tips on song presentation. You'll find a sample of some of my songs included for your enjoyment. Navigation buttons will be found at the bottom of every page. 

 Silver Kat Music does not accept unsolicited material. 

Unpublished Collections from U.S. Copyright office

Under the following conditions, a work may be registered in unpublished form as a "collection," with one application form and one fee: The elements of the collection are assembled in an orderly form; The combined elements bear a single title identifying the collection as a whole; The copyright claimant in all the elements and in the collection as a whole is the same; and All the elements are by the same author, or, if they are by different authors, at least one of the authors has contributed copyrightable authorship to each element. An unpublished collection is not indexed under the individual titles of the contents but under the title of the collection. A separate charge is assessed to register the titles individually.


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